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I had my first winner recently, and I found D40 -> D60 is the death zone. If you can survive that, D60 - D98 is more or less 'more of the same'.

My recommendations: (very much conventional wisdom so nothing new here, really just echoing other posters in this and other threads)
  • Avoid those hounds you mentioned - and anything else that scares you. Do not try to kill them.
  • Avoid taking on anything out of depth where you don't know about it's attack
  • Prize these things (i.e. get if you possible can, wear if you have, spend money on to acquire if possible)
    double resistances for base elements
    poison resistance (this isn't simply 'just another resistance', it's generally acknowledged as *the* most necessary resistance after the base four)
    nether resistance
    Ability to probe monsters (if you don't have full monster knowledge) (this unlocks full monster knowledge for each probed monster)
    Detection (telepathy ideally, but generally more = better)
    Some good Escapes (scrolls of teleport, etc)
  • Don't forget to use ranged weapons - esp with Phase Door to soften up uniques
  • Be very cautious of vaults without the ability to Teleport Other - especially if there are uniques or monsters you don't have knowledge of
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