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Originally Posted by Rikter View Post

EDIT: Just found Telepathy on a Metal Cap on D:41 so that's one less problem. Also is shards more applicable or Disenchant resist I assume shards
Well, now you have telepathy, you are in a far superior place to avoid the monsters you don't have the necessary resistances to (reliably) survive.

Drolems are your most likely killer currently, as it breathes poison gas for over 700 HP, and will not show up in telepathy as it's a constructed dragon (mindless). Other creatures that are not green or obviously 'poisony' are also dangerous for the same reason - multihued dragons, aether hounds, etc.

EDIT 2: By Double Resists do you mean temporary and normal resists or two things with resistance to an element?
The former - a temporary and permanent resistance. Hard for non-casters to get, for fire at the least, worth the inventory space I suspect (not played a warrior).

Having two pieces of gear that give the same resistance is of no benefit.

Should I keep going down to try and find these resists or should I just hang around D:40 and hope? I've wanted poison resistance for quite awhile but no luck.
Make sure you are identifying and (I)nspecting every piece of armour of Elvenkind - the random resist/ability maybe rPoison.

I'd suggest going down, but more slowly and cautiously than you would otherwise. I'd be more reluctant to go into vaults; and I'd be quicker to use an escape or listen to the voice of caution when you don't feel comfortable in a level.

Knowledge is your friend in Angband - if you know what is about you, and what it can do, then you can make the right call - and so adventure safely even if you don't have all the gear you'd like to feel safe.
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