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Assuming you can kill or easily remove everything you meet, I would value Stealth about as much as you value your time. 4 Stealth does seem more useful than 1 STR, even on a melee character, though it depends if you're at max blows. In case you're not familiar with how Stealth works, +3 stealth makes things wake up half as fast. Whether you want to get rid of 2 speed depends a lot on how much speed you already have, but most likely you get enough extra power out of the 2 speed that somewhat fewer forced interactions with monsters isn't worth it.

EDIT: An important thing to realize is the effect of Speed on monsters waking up. The fewer turns you spend around monsters, the less likely they are to wake up. So +10 Speed is equivalent to +3 stealth. This means your actual stealth is better than it might look at first.
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