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Originally Posted by Ingwe Ingweron View Post
Try it for your launcher comparisons. Basic ammo is always in the General Store and you can "look" at the bog-standard arrow, bolt, or shot to compare the launchers @ wields. It isn't a perfect comparison at the margins of slays, etc., but it suffices for giving me a good idea whether to keep or ditch any launcher I come across.

Also, very helpful when actually in the Town. You no longer have to run @ around to every shop to see what's inside. Using the "~" menu, you can look in each shop and plan your shopping journey (helpful not only to reduce keypresses and time wasted, but to lower turncount if in a competition).
I'm not worried about keypress or time consumption though. I never really paid attention to that, except in the very early game. In previous versions this function would have had a better use since it would save time with comparison shopping. But since comparison shopping no longer exists, doesn't matter too much. It is nice to have to check for weapon damage comparison though. However I'll still probably not use it much, if at all, since I can just fill up and head to town and sell off the weaker stuff when I get there.
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