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Originally Posted by pwnmonkey View Post
Hey guys, I started Angband about 2 weeks ago (it is my first RL as well) and i have yet to figure out what the number in parenthesis on some items mean, does it affect speed?
Order matters.

For armor first two in parenthesis are to_hit and to_dam bonuses (can be disenchanted, but not repaired), second in brackets is armor base value (can't be changed) and bonus (acid can damage this to negative value up to same as base, disenchantment can bring any positive value to zero here), third is power value pval: stealth, searching, stats, speed that sort of things (can't be changed).

Example: Gauntlets of power (+2,+3) [2,+5] (+3)

For weapons it is: parenthesis: weapon dice (like armor base value), weapon to_hit and to_dam bonuses (like AC bonus in armors), Brackets: AC-bonus (like to_hit and to_dam in armors), parenthesis: pval

Example: Katana (Holy Avenger) (3d5) (+10,+15) [+5] (+3)

Heavy armors gives small to_hit penalty. That's what you are seeing in most normal heavy armors.

Originally Posted by pwnmonkey View Post
And also on some of my earlier characters i would find a room of worms and just farm them to level 15 or so. Is this an exploitation i should avoid?

Not exploitation, just extremely boring. You stop doing that after you have get some skill.
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