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A few issues in my build that I noticed:
whips have a finesse modifier of 70 and prowess of 10. Should it be 90 and 10? all the other weapons add to 100.

Maul has finess of 80 and prowess of 20. Should this be the other way around?

I found a randart, beaked axe of Finglion. It shows:

"Receives -1% of your finesse score, -1% or your prowess score.
0.9 blow/round
0.9x damage multiplier."
Average damage 6.2 per swing.
This item has no obvious curses. I tried to wield it to see what would happen against a stone troll.

I can kill a troll, but it takes a while. Also, after I swing the first time, if I continue to try to swing without taking any other actions, the game does not progress. I don't swing, the monsters don't take their turns, nothing happens. In short, when I push the arrow to direct my @ into the T, nothing happens at all. I have to back up or perform another action in order to take another swing, and for the monsters to get their turns. This is the first time I have seen this bug, and have looked at a LOT of weapons.

I'll look at my crit numbers soon.
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