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Originally Posted by Old Coach View Post
A few issues in my build that I noticed:
whips have a finesse modifier of 70 and prowess of 10. Should it be 90 and 10? all the other weapons add to 100.
Intentional on my part, though others may disagree with my reasoning. Whips suck as weapons for killing people.

Maul has finess of 80 and prowess of 20. Should this be the other way around?
That, however, is a bug. Good catch.

I found a randart, beaked axe of Finglion. It shows:

"Receives -1% of your finesse score, -1% or your prowess score.
0.9 blow/round
0.9x damage multiplier."
No idea what's going on here. Sounds like the artifact didn't properly inherit balance and heft from the Beaked Axe base type. The bugginess you saw regarding being unable to take a blow probably has to do with breaking the assumption that it doesn't take more than 100 energy to take 1 blow; normally this should never happen.
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