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Originally Posted by fizzix View Post
I've been thinking about whether illusory monsters would be a useful concept. The basic idea is to create a new monster type, an illusion, that have the following characteristics:
I have illusory monsters in DaJAngband. Currently they only appear when hallucenating (instead of the old hallucenation effect), but I like these ideas.

Originally Posted by fizzix View Post
They move exactly the same as normal monsters
They can cast spells and cause mental status effects (confusion, blindness, fear, hallucination)
They cannot cause physical status effects (all spells/attacks deal 0 damage. No stat draining, paralysis, poison, inventory destruction.)
They disappear/dissipate when you successfully attack them
They always appear to have full health, except for self-illusions.
They are always awake, except for static illusions which can never awaken.
They cannot cause any physical damage (all attacks and spells deal 0 damage)
They can be dissipated by stronger monsters that push past them (but weaker monsters are afraid to try.):
In DAJ, timed effects (like confusion) caused by illusions are much shorter-lasting, and they can't inflict those physical status effects like you said. Also, they don't do any actual damage and they are always awake.
Unlike how you describe them, illusions in DAJ lose hit points as normal. They start with a fraction of the hit points that that race of monster normally has, and they dissapate when they hit 0 HP (no XP or drops obviously).

Originally Posted by fizzix View Post
Then we could have the following monster spells:

SUMMON_ILLUSIONS: summons monsters as our normal summon_monster spell, perhaps with a small (5%) chance of an illusion being a real monster.
similarly there could be spells like,
SUMMON_IDRAGONS: summons illusory dragons. etc. etc.
CLONE_SELF: Make several illusory copies of the monster casting the spell. These illusions appear to have the same HP as the casting monster at all times. Upon casting, the caster immediately swaps places with one of the illusions.

Also the player spell
DISPEL_ILLUSIONS: Remove all illusions in line of sight.
Thanks to this post, I will probably be adding these monster spells very soon (except I won't bother with the specific racial summoning illusion spells -no SUMMON_IDRAGONS). The applicable PC spell is true seeing, which is already in the game. (True seeing in DAJ does more than just make you see invisible. You also recognise mimics automatically and have higher alertness).

Originally Posted by fizzix View Post
There could also be a intermediate step between, full realistic illusion and dissipated. This would be an illusion that exists but that is recognized by @ as faulty. This illusion continues to act as normal but can no longer cause status effects. It would be nice to distinguish a known fake from the real deal to the player. If @ knows the player should be able to see this as well.
This is also something I will likely add soon.

Originally Posted by fizzix View Post
Lastly, there is probably a way to also allow @ to create self-illusions, but this doesn't seem useful enough to be worth the tremendous hassle involved.
I decided not to bother with PC invisibility spell for a very similar reason. I'd have to keep track of which monsters use scent to locate the PC as well as which ones can see invisible, and make a system for how well monsters can figure out where you are by your noise, etc.

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