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Originally Posted by Derakon View Post
Not having played DaJ, what are the impacts on gameplay of having illusory monsters? How do we handle monster memory for the spells -- when does the player learn that the summons were illusory? What if we have a monster that can summon both illusory and real versions of the same monster type? If the player learns they're illusions on seeing the spell cast for the first time, then on subsequent castings they "ought" to be able to tell if the summons are illusions or not, but cannot because the monster memory has already been filled in.

Don't mind me, I'm just being difficult.
I think illusion summons should be obvious to the player, but not necessarily to @. However, I like the idea that even with illusion summons there's a small chance that the monster is real. This keeps the player honest. This way summoned illusions can always be considered as real monsters, even though there's something like a 95% chance that they're not.

@will_asher: when did you add illusions? I don't remember them the last time I played DJA.
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