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Originally Posted by fizzix View Post
I think illusion summons should be obvious to the player, but not necessarily to @. However, I like the idea that even with illusion summons there's a small chance that the monster is real. This keeps the player honest. This way summoned illusions can always be considered as real monsters, even though there's something like a 95% chance that they're not.

@will_asher: when did you add illusions? I don't remember them the last time I played DJA.
I think 1.3.0 was the first version that had illusion monsters appear when hallucenating.

I think with a summon illusion spell, it should not initially be obvious to either the player or the PC. When the spell is cast, it should be the usual message for S_MONSTER or S_MONSTERS. When the PC dispels one of the illusory monsters, then he learns that the monster has the summon illusion spell for monster memory.
If the monster has both S_MONSTERS and S_ILLUSIONS, neither the PC nor the player should be able to tell which one is being cast (even if he has full monster memory) until the first illusion is dipelled (or recognised as an illusion some other way).
The problem with this is I wouldn't know what to do with monster memory between the casting of the spell and the dispelling of the first illusion.

I don't think a summon illusion spell should ever summon real monsters, but maybe there'd be a chance of a semi-real illusory monster, which would allow the illusion to do some damage (though probably still just a fraction of the real monster's damage) and have slightly more effective spells than other illusions.
(D&D has shadow illusion spells which can do damage and have effects as if the illusion was semi-real.)

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