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Ok, so I've been advocating having tactically interesting terrain features in Vanilla rooms. Well, the big secret is that they don't work!

The player will always want to fight monsters in corridors. No matter how good the beneficial tactical features in rooms are, the pull of the corridors is almost always stronger.

I tried tactically beneficial furniture, and I playtested a lot. Finally I did manage to make higher ground (tables and platforms) interesting -- by radically changing the combat rules to make combat in open space less dangerous. That's not something that will happen in Vanilla.

I also had magic circles that had various benefits if you were fighting in them, like protection from undead and demons. After countless hours of playtesting I still have the circles, but their abilities have mostly changed from tactical benefits to strategic, larger scale effects -- like restoring your stats, or teleporting you back from anywhere on the level when you are near death. I just never used the tactical benefits that required you to fight in the circle.
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