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Originally Posted by CunningGabe View Post
I guess you are talking about discrete features in rooms.
Correct. Features that you need to stand on don't usually seem to work.

Originally Posted by CunningGabe View Post
If the whole room has some sort of magic field, I think it is possible to end up with some interesting tactical decisions.
Maybe! Let's see what DaJ playtests reveal.

I do have somewhat comparable features that affect the whole room, in a way: warding runes in walls that shoot out a straight line and affect both the player and monsters. With good enough skills you can turn them on or off. They haven't been in the development version for very long but they do seem to be working like intended. I've had some very enjoyable fights in these rooms.

On the other hand, they wouldn't work as well without my combat changes... Namely, the player can attack two monsters in melee at the same time.

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