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Thanks. I'll give a couple more days for any other missed releases to come forward.

If you've released a variant, expect a pm with a blurb that I've written for the game, hopefully by the weekend. This is mainly because I don't want to say something false about a variant, or miss something critical. The descriptions will be short, a couple of sentences each, with appropriate links. I'll be pulling the information from the release threads and websites. Probably something like 1 sentence to describe the variant, 1 sentence to describe improvements and what's new, and maybe one more to direct users to appropriate links. New releases might get 2-3 sentence descriptions in lieu of the "what's new" sentence. If you don't like with what I've written about your variant, let me know and I'll change it accordingly.

Of course if you have your own preferred blurb, you can pm me that, and I'll use it, provided it's not overly long.

After that I'll put up a post with all the recent variants on the news. In the future, we'll try to get the news posts up shortly after releases.
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