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Originally Posted by buzzkill View Post
Slightly buggy behaviour... still playing 1.3.1 (doh!)

When failing to disarm a pit trap, you receive two messages "You set off the pit!", which seems sort of odd, and them "You fall into the pit!", when in actuality, you're still standing exactly where you were, beside the pit.

Solution: First, repress the first message, it's unnecessary (or change it, "You lose your footing"). Second, actually move the player onto the same grid as the trap, if that is possible. Else, convert pit-type-trap into earthquake-type-pit and place player in it .
First, I think that pair of odd messages was inherited from the version of V that DAJ is based on (3.0.9b). Second, in a later version of DAJ (don't remember which), I fixed the thing about 'falling into the pit while still being in the grid next to it.
I'll change the message, "You lose your footing" sounds good.

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