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Off the top of mu head, it's not very different than V at first glance, but it's got a greatly expanded number of races and classes to play, as well as a spattering of new enemies, not too many though, not like Steam.

Will has reworked perception/stealth, magic spells, and tweaked many other of the main mechanics in a way that works. It's a bit more evil with mimics being truly disguised. If you get deep enough you'll find enemies that can bypass your most treasured resists, like rConf. It's also one of the few variants I've ever beaten.

Basically, Will managed to changed the game for the better, mostly in small ways, but threw a few big changes in there too, and maybe even a few silly ones, without breaking it. DAJ should surprise you on occasion, something that just doesn't happen in V, no fault of it's own.
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