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Item prefixes and postfixes

I've been digging through the code and the config files, and as far as I understood it, Angband has "postfixes" for items, like "of resist fire", but no prefixes. In addition there are three more modifiers for "to hit", "to damage" and "to defense".

Some of the postfixes have several effects.

Diablo II has a system of item prefixes and postfixes, but each modifier only has one effect. I think magic items could have a prefix and a postfix, and rare items had up to 7 modifiers overall, but I don't know how they were chosen from pre- and postfixes.

The wide range of different items and item combinations in Diablo II was always very interesting to me. The system seemed to be better than Angbands, but I haven't played Angband a lot lately, so I can't say that for sure.

Now that I work on my own variant now and then, I want to ask if it would be worth to change the Angband item system to a more Diablo II-like system, or if such a change would not add anything of interest to the game?

I think the change would involve replacing the one "ego" pointer of an item with an array of several, and group the "ego" modifiers into prefix and postfixes. And then to fin all places which access the ego modifiers and make the iterate the array of modfiers instead.

Would you like such a change?
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