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making xp

It depends on what class i Play. My mages cannot wade through everything they Encounter, specially in the low Levels. The 1st and 2nd Level is carefully choosing simple Targets to get at least 5-6 SP. After that i can pick on harder Targets that give good xp for that Level, mostly 'R's and 'F's. Then Comes frost bolt at char-level 7 ... that brings my mages usually to around Level 25 always picking single Targets and always ready to flee. Then i seek Young Dragons and mature Dragons up to Level 30/35. My last chars didn't last much longer

My half-orc melee ranger just killed everything he saw until char-level 30 and dung-Level 40 or so. Then a great Crystal Drake breathed two times in a row ... even tho i was fast(+6) already. Was wondering if the Drake usually moves quickly.
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