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Originally Posted by Mikko Lehtinen View Post
What if you could descend three levels if you take the stairs down in a dungeon? It would ease both of these concerns.

"Descend one (l)evel, (d)ive two levels, or (b)urrow three levels?"

I mean burrow metaphorically of course. Does the verb make sense here? Better ideas?

Edit: (p)lunge three levels maybe?

With warriors (and often with mages, too) I generally dive all the way down to DL 20 at least. It would be fun to descend even faster.
This could work well. Letting the player get too deep fairly quickly seems good, else it reduces the impact of the choice (at least for better players).

Plunge sounds much better than Burrow to me.

Do the long-term effects which have a chance of wearing off each dungeon level also get checked on returning to town? That would be another natural way to give an incentive for staying in the dungeon.
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