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Really, I would say "just play with ASCII"; it's so much easier to tell what's happening with an ASCII interface.

I'm not sure why you can't change the player character, though, even if you're playing with the old tiles. What I'd suggest doing is press '%' (interact with visuals) - '4' (change monster attr/chars) - 'v' (probably the handiest if you're playing with tiles) - pick the character or tile you want for the player - Esc - '1' to dump. Something weird is happening if this doesn't work.

(Edit: I can see one problem with this now that can cause the new character to be forgotten, even if it works to begin with. What you need to do is remove 75:24 and 75:25 from graf-xxx.prf; then if you're happy with the race/class-based instead-of-@ tile you get, you won't need to do anything else; if you still want a custom @ tile, edit and dump your visuals as above, then add a line at the bottom of graf-xxx.prf that says "%:yourdumpname.prf" and it ought to work.)
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