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This quote seems like the best place to start.
Originally Posted by Nick View Post
Blackguard: 3-week competition, 2 winners out of 30 attempts with a strong race (Dunadan). The final new class is looking like it's missed the mark. The concept is supposed to be of a big evil thing which just beats everything around it into submission, and it feels like it gets close to that in the late game, but a bit too late.
What worked:
  • Thirst for Blood
  • Throw Monster
  • Shield bashing
What didn't:
  • Forceful Blow
  • Impaired HP regen with no counter-balance
  • High effective minimum weapon weight
So I have come up with some ideas for a pretty big revamp of the class, which should give a distinctive play-style but may take some balancing. The basic ideas is that this class should seek out monsters to fight, and the more the better. Specifically:
  1. Keep the HP impairment, but give a bonus to HP regen based on number and power of monsters who have LoS of the character;
  2. Also have a percentage reduction in damage based on monsters in LoS;
  3. Replace Powerful Blow with area of effect melee - monsters adjacent to the monster you are hitting also take damage, more the heavier your weapon;
  4. Permanent aggravation;
  5. Reduce minimum weapon weight by half.
This is a big series of changes, but I think capable of being balanced and likely to be fun, again opinions solicited.

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