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Originally Posted by Grotug View Post
What if instead of regen health when monsters are in LOS regen health when you kill a monster? Health regenerated would be directly proportionate to either the amount of damage dealt in killing a monster (so more health regained for killing healers) or experience points gained from the kill (problematic if you quaff an early !experience as doing so would suddenly result in little health gains from killing tough monsters).
The current behavior has its uses, like when a character is running from monsters. Or when you are fighting a monster in the entrance of a corridor. The splash damage made by "crowd fighting" can hurt 3 others monsters in LOS behind the first monster (the epicenter is in this monster) and you get the regeneration boost.

Related to this... I would like to see with bigger detail the bonuses and penalties that crowd fighting has (or shield bash, or shapeshifts). Can be in the documentation, or from the new S command.
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