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I'm just going to try to keep my responses short, but there's a ton I'd love to respond to here.

Originally Posted by archolewa View Post
Are the extra melee attacks full attacks with full damage? That'll be fun.
The melee attack spells and debuffs are geared to reward heavy weapons / low number of blows right now. I don't think any of them will do a normal round of blows. But they will do one or more blows just like you bump-attacked the monster, plus additional effects.

Originally Posted by archolewa View Post
Also, if you really want to double down on the whole "super-aggressive raging berserker" you could give them a bonus when they're not carrying a shield.
I did throw out this idea while brainstorming with Nick. I don't want to try to take this on as it could affect the whole game, and I'm sure most people don't want me monkeying around this broadly! But, yeah, I think it's a good idea and BGs would probably be the class best poised to benefit.

Originally Posted by archolewa View Post
Also, I'd really like to see a top tier spell that lets them shatter the dungeon with melee hits.
Yeah, Forceful Blow actually did this. I'm not sure earthquake is a very desirable effect, but it does seem cool and on-brand.

Thanks for the response!!
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