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Originally Posted by DavidMedley View Post
Yeah, Forceful Blow actually did this. I'm not sure earthquake is a very desirable effect, but it does seem cool and on-brand.
Is that one of the spells that blackguards currently have? I admit I haven't played them as they are currently, partially because I interpreted their branding as "evil knights," and partially because they were so new and I was so new that I didn't really feel comfortable trying to figure them out while also figuring out the game itself.

And I'm inclined to agree that earthquake isn't particularly desirable, which is why I suggested getting a buff for crushing enemies with the ceiling. I feel like Blackguards would need some benefit from the earthquake for it to be useful. Whether it's a buff for crushing enemies, or they automatically know the new layout without having to reuse a Staff of Mapping, or something.
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