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I understand the idea of rewarding risky "charge into battle" behavior by regenerating mana when taking damage, but there is something about this mechanic that feels cheesy to me. I think it would be more satisfying/more fun, less cheesy, if you regain mana only when you kill a foe and whenever you get a *GREAT* hit on a foe. But gaining mana when a dragon breathes fire on you seems cheap to me and not fun.

I do like the concept of having mana that is always degenerating. I'm not sure how you can remove healing and HP regen while keeping @ in battles most of the time, though (actually, I have a novel idea towards the end of this post). One option could be: since Blackguard degenerates mana quickly they could regenerate health quickly, thus solving the problem of them being confused with a tanky Paladin. I do like the idea of blackguards losing stealth every 10 levels. What do they gain every 10 levels to counteract this? better performance with heavy weapons/more critical hits?

I'm not too concerned about low stealth ruining vaults. Characters who can't kill a lot have to get their loot using stealth getting into vaults. Characters that can't use stealth to get into vaults need to find their loot by killing stuff. I've had lots of games with HT/Warrior where 70% of my endgame equipment came from drops. If you want to raid vaults, play a hobbit rogue.

I like the idea of aggro only affecting monsters lower than @'s level. You can combo this with giving blackguards the "protection from evil" spell, though maybe rebrand it as something like "protection through evil" as a form of immunity to evil (kinda like how undead have an immunity to nether) rather than a protection from it. Blackguards can gain a high resistance to evil creatures because they are themselves aligned with evil (sorry Archolewa, just spit balling here).

Just my $0.02: I never pick up Grond at end of the game because I don't like the earthquake effect.

I'm wary of having regeneration happening on HP as well as MP from combat. I think it probably should be one or the other and I am campaigning for MP over HP, although I think a special caveat or exception could be fun where when you kill certain Uniques you gain some health (the higher above your level it is the more health you regain--maybe any unique that is 'evil'?) but for all other monsters you do not gain any health for killing them. I propose this because the more I think about it the more I like MP negative-regeneration with mana regenerating through damage delivery rather than health regenerating as a consequence of combat. This way you're only regenerating health occasionally from combat and not mana and health all the time (which would be cheesy). Also: good things that only happen on occasion or through taking risks are more fun.

A variation on this idea is you could maybe give a health bonus only when Blackguards deal damage to (only evil?) monsters at a higher level than them and you give BG's an even more terrible fail rate on devices to compensate. (I personally would really like to play a class that does not need to rely on teleport other in order to succeed, and Blackguard seems to be the ideal candidate for such a class).

Finally, I would discourage any kind of healing for Blackguard (why can a blackguard get healing when my Ranger cannot?) and instead focus on coming up with creative alternatives to healing. One way to do this is to give Blackguards someway of getting augmented AC (shield spell used to be one way to do this) but they could also get a new spell that allows AC to absorb enemy breath or spell damage.

It could work like this: when you cast the spell, your armor becomes temporarily imbued with a special magical power that makes your AC absorb non-melee damage, so if you have 210AC and a great wyrm of chaos breathes for 600 damage at you and you do not resist Chaos you only take 390 damage. Or if Morgoth invokes a mana storm for 560 damage you only take 350 damage. Such a spell would have to be quite expensive (I'm thinking at least 70 mana points and must be CL40). Furthermore, since this spell would be quite OP, non-melee damage absorbed by AC would shorten the duration of the spell. So if the spell lasts for 25+1d25 turns, then each 10 points of damage absorbed by AC would reduce the amount of time the spell lasts by 1 turn. So if you have 210AC and have had the spell active for 5 turns when you get blasted by 600 damage then your spell will only last another 1d24 turns instead of another 20+1d25 turns. Ie. absorbing 210AC would result in the spell duration being reduced by 21 turns.
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