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It's quite interesting, just take three of us random ppl and we all play it so differently...given the multiple options.

A few other things I've noticed
  • You've added tooltips for the keys which have icons, but not the for the main keys. I know they might seem obvious but yea. For example, until reading one recent comment here, I didn't know that the preceding key in front of both the ribbons expands all the said ribbons keys till now! Whoa, useful! and I've played for more than a month. But yes, the first time I installed the app I did have to guess what they did and by trial and error. So tooltips would be good for a first-timer lest they get lost.
  • While on the above note, I'm assuming the corner most key in front of enter is ESC? If so, I barely use it, given the phone's back button suffices.
  • One important key I've noticed is Important for scrolling down long msg screens. I noticed especially while inspecting artifacts with long descriptions. I've remapped the arrow keys centre key to space for that. The option of remapping the centre key pretty darn useful right now.
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