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Cool! I've played for some time with the latest update.

Must say the Help file is good, I've learned more new things..again.
I didn't know we could drag and drop the directionals! neat. Quick-traveling via cursor on the right-hand side won't be a problem anymore. Some shortcuts in the full keyboard too will be useful for me.

Otherwise I think the help file is great for newcomers with those sections for each feature and the annotated images explaining the ribbon. Oh and found typo at "A long-press allowes" in the touch directional section.

I'm not sure what is the Dpad Trackball feature, this was referred to in the old Angroid project too if I recall. How do I use it if it's implemented? I tried following the instructions but don't even know what is a Dpad in this case. Pardon me if this is a stupid question lol. It talks about digging made easier for example?

Another thing I've yet to try is the profiles. I bet they'd be useful when I have made custom keymaps for each background, instead of editting them each time I start off with a new character, swap from Mage to Paladin etc?
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