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Tileset Question

I'm at my wit's end to answer this one, and I've come to you, my fellow adventurers, to try and figure this out. I've enjoyed many versions of Angband over the years, and found something to like in each of them - but one of them had my favorite tileset (or possibly font) of all time, and I am hoping I can find it again and apply it to current games.

It almost certainly is from a DOS or Windows vanilla version of Angband, pre-3.0. I know I played 2.7.9, but even though I scraped up an archival copy of it, I can't really get it to run on a modern PC, so I wasn't able to really check to see if it had what I was looking for.

The font or tileset looked like ASCII. Except there were special characters added in the character set - rings looked like a circle with a little stud on top. Basically, an ASCII-style ring. Armor objects looked like grey or brown t-shirt, as if there were an ASCII 'shirt' character. Monsters still looked like letters, it was mostly gear that had specialized icons.

Does this ring a bell for anyone else, and is there any hope I can find this to use in current versions of Angband? (Or Zangband 2.4, which I recently rediscovered..)
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