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From the Angband 2.9.6 code in main-ibm.c, ANGBAND.FNT has 8x16 bitmaps for 256 characters without any extra metadata. That's loaded and sent to the VGA adapter. I didn't see where MONSTERS.FNT was used in the source code, despite it being present in LIB/XTRA.

This GitHub repository has a conversion of ANGBAND.FNT to a .fon file and a related preference file for Angband 4.2 to try to map objects and terrain to how they were mapped with LIB/XTRA/GREDIT.INI in Angband 2.9.6. I tried it briefly with the Linux SDL frontend but not with the Windows frontend. Other frontends for 4.2 (curses, X11, Mac OS X) don't use lib/fonts so that repository won't help to get that font from 2.9.6 to work with those frontends .
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