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Can a hobbit wiled a weapon of Nazgul safely?

So my CL 8 hobbit picks up a sling (x2) (+15,+11) (?)

and I'm excited as it's my first real find of the game (my only other magic are some pebbles(+3,+5) and a sling (+4,+4)

I quickly try it on
You have learned the Rune of See Invisible<Yay!>
You sense the Sling is draining you life
You have learned the Rune of Experience Drain <Not so Yay!>
You have a Sling of the Nazgul...

But I'm a hobbit, I have hold life as an innate skill.
Would that over ride the experience drain?
Or would it be sporadic and occasionally drain and thus not worth using?
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