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Originally Posted by archolewa View Post
I fear orc uniques while playing a Blackguard in a way I don't really with the Paladin or Warrior.
On my latest BG run I'm plastering Orc uniques and it made me remember that I have on my previous runs, too. Not "shoot-and-scoot kite Orcs so they never lay a glove on me like Money Mayweather vs some tomato can" plastering them but "go toe-to-toe with them and outlast them 'cause I got an iron jaw like Rocky Balboa" plastering them.

Here's my script. Choose the first available:
- HP dangerously low, phase door away
- If SP >= 6 and Orc is not stunned, use Maim
- If (SP near max or HP near min) and (SP >= 4 and CL >= 20 and blows <= 2.0), use Leap
- If (SP near max or HP near min) but Leap isn't appropriate, use Maim again
- Normal melee attack or item usage as appropriate

Stunning really lowers an enemy's melee damage output. Casting when you are seriously hurt can be a decent source of healing without requiring a turn (the theoretical max return of damage->SP->casting is to double your total HP).

I haven't done side-by-side comparisons between BGs and other classes, but I know this approach works well enough.

ADDENDUM: It occurs to me that before you attain CL 15 and buy the 2nd book from the store, BGs don't have much going for them vs unique orcs. If you're finding yourself in that spot, I'd say you're not bullying random monsters enough. It's much more fun and profitable to "seek battle" against weaker enemies as a BG than with other classes.

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