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'Nother post for more notes!

* Vaults seem to periodically be missing entire rows of blocks, replaced by empty space. E.g. I found a Bubbles vault that was missing its top row, and I know I've found vaults missing rows through the middle. Don't think I've seen any vaults missing columns. It's actually a bit interesting since it breaks up the flow of the vault, but it's still a bug.

* Crossbows and crossbow bolts have exactly the same drop frequency. Is that really intended?

* Charge-for-charge, scrolls of Mapping are much cheaper than staves of Mapping. The staves' only advantage is that they can be recharged by the magic store.

* Inspecting an executioner's sword, I was told that with +2 STR I'd get more blows/round. However, I was at 18/210 strength at the time (and 18/160 DEX).

* If you put a % in a note, then in the message history it gets represented by "220"; however, it shows up properly in the file dump.

* I found a Ring of Speed +20. What. This is by far the best I've ever managed. Ironically I'm wearing a +10 speed ring on the other finger because the only other rings I have are either redundant or aggravating.

* I found a double-height labyrinth, fairly deep down. Nice to break things up a bit. If it's still possible to generate labyrinths with entirely permanent walls, then that probably shouldn't be allowed for the big ones, since they'd be painful to navigate without tunneling.

* I've found several randart weapons with terrible damage but lots of abilities and (only marginally useful) slays. How heavily are non-damage abilities weighted when gauging a randart weapon's power? Most characters can't really afford to use weak weapons even if they give lots of resists, powers, etc.

So here I am, running around at +46 speed unhasted, raring to go kill Morgoth except I still don't have telepathy...
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