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Originally Posted by CJNyfalt View Post
So, I am returning after an absence of about two years, and is curious about the status of variants.
Well, I'll give you a biased answer

Which variants other than vanilla is available fully under GPL?
FA is, and O could be if I would update it. ISTR NPP may be as well (in which case Quickband would be too), and Sangband, maybe? Also RePosband (reboot of posband) and maybe DaJangband which have forked recently enough to be after Vanilla went GPL.

Which variants are under active development?
Click the variants tab, and sort by release date

My impression is S, Fay (new continuation of Ey), NPP, Quick, FA are the most obviously active. Also there's ToME 4, which is a massive rewrite.

Which variants have the best UI?
V is pretty much back in the lead, which is nice. FA and S (that I know of) have some features that V doesn't, but I think we're all playing catch-up now.

Which active variants are the most innovative?
FA, of course
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