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Originally Posted by PowerWyrm View Post
I've found out why the game crashes when you recall. It seems you recalled from a dungeon level that was smaller than the usual dungeon size (142x46 instead of 198x66) and the game didn't adjust the size of player info to the town size (198x66). DUH!

Ok I'll try to see what happened there and fix it.
Unfortunately that's not the problem. For the savefile, it just saved the old cave info (from 900ft) when the server panic saved and since it was smaller the game couldn't load the character that was recalled in town.

The real problem is nastier. There was a crash between the time recall kicked in (player still on old level with new coordinates) and the time the new level was generated. The only way to get info would be having the server in debug mode (I always play like that locally, which helps me fix a lot of bugs when I play), but since it's not possible I've added a couple debug lines in the log (basically: entering dungeon_change_level() and generate_new_level() methods with parameters) to narrow the problem if it ever appears again. Then I could work from there.

I'll try to add a couple more things and release a new version tonight. Since I modified the client (removed the change password packet that was obsolete), all players will have to upgrade to the new client to play on the new server.
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