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[poschengband] Beserk questions

I am playing my first beserker. I'm enjoying it alot, very different to the way I normally play. Almost feels like a different game.

So just have a handful of questions, kind of want to confirm what I'm thinking is right? And that I'm not doing anything too stupid.

1 - I took the class help literally when it said no scrolls or magic devices. Got them all being auto-destroyed by pickupref. Is that reasonable? Or could I be missing out on something. (I really miss detect traps/doors and light area). And no (A)ctivates will work either?

2 - Escapes (teleport etc). Do I just have to play without them? If I run into something to scary for me, I am thinking I'll just have to recall and quaff all my healing potions while I wait

3 - I am wielding my first anti-magic item. What exactly does it do? I assume no spells (doesn't affect me). Does it offer so protections? Or boost to saving throw?

4 - Distance attacks. Am I right in assuming its not worth bothering with bows or throwing stuff? Guess I'll just ignore awake breeders and magic mushrooms
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