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Originally Posted by budswell View Post
I am playing my first beserker. I'm enjoying it alot, very different to the way I normally play. Almost feels like a different game.

So just have a handful of questions, kind of want to confirm what I'm thinking is right? And that I'm not doing anything too stupid.

1 - I took the class help literally when it said no scrolls or magic devices. Got them all being auto-destroyed by pickupref. Is that reasonable? Or could I be missing out on something. (I really miss detect traps/doors and light area). And no (A)ctivates will work either?
That is correct: no devices or activations at all! (You can drink potions, of course). Wands and staves are useful only for those races that eat charges (e.g. zombies, which make excellent berserkers, btw).

2 - Escapes (teleport etc). Do I just have to play without them? If I run into something to scary for me, I am thinking I'll just have to recall and quaff all my healing potions while I wait
Yup! Recall can be deadly, as can traps which you can never detect (unless Dwarf/Nibelung, but the fail rates are too high anyway). Try to stay near stairs as much as possible.

3 - I am wielding my first anti-magic item. What exactly does it do? I assume no spells (doesn't affect me). Does it offer so protections? Or boost to saving throw?
For you, anti-magic just means saving throws. Without it, you will fail every saving throw (I think) so it is pretty darn important, at least in the end game (e.g. Hand of Doom takes 60% of your hp if you fail the saving throw!)

4 - Distance attacks. Am I right in assuming its not worth bothering with bows or throwing stuff? Guess I'll just ignore awake breeders and magic mushrooms
Bows are for defence and stat boosts only Some races (e.g. Android) get good distance attacks, though. In general, tunnel into walls in a zig-zag fashion and let monsters come to you. You also have quake and massacre if you get caught in the open.
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