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Originally Posted by Bogatyr View Post
In what universe is "having to cast disarm every step" equivalent to "able to ignore them outright?"
Sorry, poor phrasing on my part. I do not consider "having to cast disarm every step" to be an interesting tradeoff for dealing with traps, for two reasons. First, while, there are situations in which the time and spellpoints required to cast the spell are significant, in most cases (at least in current Angband) I would expect the player to be able to do this in relative safety, in which case the disarm spell becomes a no-brainer creator of tedium. Second, the spell itself doesn't do anything interesting; it just turns any trap into a safe tile. So you have the same response to every situation: just disarm it and it goes away.

Ideally traps should provoke varied reactions from the player, depending on the trap and on circumstance. We can do better than having a range-1 automatic-disarm spell.
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