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Originally Posted by Nick View Post
No, no more secret doors. Or, if you like, doors are secret until you get LOS on them.
Ok, so you're solving all the tediousness problems related to perception and traps, like I did in Halls of Mist. Cool!

I did it all differently in Halls of Mist. I opted for making Perception interesting. All places where you can use Perception are marked clearly, and there's always only one try. I find the various Perception checks make the dungeon more flavourful and let characters of different classes with high/low Wisdom have a very different dungeoneering experience.

Here's the documentation on the Perception skill. (Checks are always a 1d100 roll under Perception, there's never any modifiers.)

=== Perception ===

Perception generally works automatically as you walk next to something
interesting. In all cases you only have one try!

You make Perception skill checks to:

- notice a trap
- notice a warding rune in a wall (see below)
- find a hidden item in a closet, in a bookshelf, or in a weapon rack
- find a hidden torch, mushroom or faery portal in an "interesting" (purple)
  vegetation square
- identify a fountain
- disarm a non-magical trap
- master a lock on a door (try opening the door). Once you have mastered the
  lock, you may open and close the door as you like, but most monsters will
  have great difficulties following you through the locked door. Besides,
  there's often a small treasure room behind a locked door! Cunning characters
  may lock monsters in a treasure room and Phase Door away. Treasure doors are
  teleport-proof, so you cannot teleport into them.

A note for Angband veterans: There isn't any need to press 's' to search
anymore. Repeated searching is useless.

You don't need to make any Perception checks to find a secret door. As soon as
you walk next to the secret door, it is automatically revealed. Secret doors
can only exist in special walls: cave paintings, closets, bookshelves, and
weapon racks. Don't waste time looking for secret doors where there isn't any!

=== A warning about Warding Runes ===

Watch out for cave paintings (red walls)! They often have hidden Runes which
shoot evil rays to all cardinal directions -- usually just one direction,
though, across the room. All Warding Runes affect both the player and monsters.

You find a Rune by making a Perception check while walking next to it, master
it with the 'D'isarm command, then Disarm it again to switch it on or off.
A successful Spell Save protects you completely from their effects.

Some Runes are off by default. If you find one with a Perception check, you may
then want to use your Alchemy skill to switch it on -- it's fun to let a
Warding Rune of Evil Eye curse a horde of orcs as they run past it!
With locked doors, there's only one try. Doesn't this lead to dead-ends? Never. Dungeon generation only places locked doors in places where there are also other routes to the same place. Often locked doors open to tiny treasure rooms.
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