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I think the 'one try only' principle may be a good idea. It removes most of the tedium but still leaves traps effective. While a rogue will see all traps before running into them, a half-troll warrior will not. Meaning the half-troll warrior will have to adjust his play to the fact that he will occasionally trigger a trap while the rogue does not have to worry about that but in neither case the player has to constantly do some searching/ detecting.
If you did see a trap before running into it, you can try to disarm it, again one try only, and thus one trigger only as well. This should be much more difficult than detecting it but again high level rogues should have close to 100% success rate, others characters should not.
A spell for trap detection like now could easily result in the same tedium of perma casting it as now but a spell that temporarily improves disarming should be fine. Scarce dungeon-find only consumables that help with detecting or disarming also work well.
To make this interesting, traps need to be balanced so that they are never lethal as such, but potentially annoying, temporarily crippling and possibly lethal in combination with other dungeon features/ monsters.
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