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Originally Posted by ggoDeye View Post
EDIT: Turned of "Pick things up by default" and now everything is working.

I can't get the auto-destroyer to do anything. I just started playing PoschengBand today, so this is likely user error.
I'm running v7.0.2.

First line in the auto-picker/destroyer editor file is
I pick up a corpse and it's not destroyed. I have the "Use easy auto-destroyer" set to "no". Turning it on does destroy bad items, corpses, but does not follow the custom rules in the auto-picker/destroyer editor.
You need a character-specific pickpref file. Opening the mogaminator in-game with the '_' key should generate that, even if you just immediately exit the mogaminator without editing anything.

Also, you don't want the first line in your pickpref to be "!corpses", because that will cause wanted corpses to be destroyed. (You might want the last line in your pickpref to be "!corpses", so it comes after the lines about wanted corpses, but the "!worthless items" line in the default pickprefs should make that redundant.)
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