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I'm honoured. I am very glad you gave Sil-Q a shot, and even more glad you enjoyed it. I want to take the opportunity to thank you for the original Sil, with its many ingenious systems; this fork was for me a labour of love.

There is much you've written to respond to. I appreciate this, as often it feels like I'm scraping round desperately for any sort of feedback. Some I'll probably agree with fully or to some extent, some I'll disagree with, but probably the most interesting cases are the places where I used to think as you did and changed my mind.

I'm going to split this over a couple of posts because it will get large.

Firstly though, there are a few things I need to bring up as context for the rest.

Sil has a number of simple elegant mechanics. Unfortunately, simple elegant mechanics can scale awkwardly or unevenly. Basically what I'm saying here is that good behaviour coming out of simple rules tends to come with points where it breaks down, and I'm going to refer to this in particular with reference to abilities and items (skill points self-balance a good deal more because of the scaling costs).

I spent a chunk of time with a combat simulator which allowed me to investigate the results of hypotheticals such as going up against an orc with only a spear vs having a longsword. (Initial work was here: Some changes which may "feel" too strong are very much data-driven e.g. I didn't change Finesse to improve crits by 2 points instead of 1 because of my personal experience, but because simulations showed it was worse than Power even for a longsword over a range of reasonably typical face-offs.

I also had the great advantage of getting to watch players on and finding out more about how they actually played the game in real time. This was very educational, and there are too many people I have to thank for giving me fresh perspectives on things.

There are undoubtedly things I've changed based on too limited feedback. Often it's all I've had. Early on in particular when I had less skill of my own with Sil I accepted some suggestions I consider in retrospect questionable, but I have kept evolving the game and hopefully corrected most if not all of the early missteps.

On to responding properly!
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