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Interesting read! Couple of thoughts paging through:

Blunt Weapons, Sharpness: Enemy protection is currently only using [d4]'s to signify armor strenght. One easy way to simulate penetration whilst simultaneously bring it more in line with how weapon damage/strenght works would be for penetrative weapons to lower the number of sides rather than act as a percentage points. Examples given; Blunt Weapons and singing the song of sharpness (and spears?) could bestow a penetration value of 1 (lowering enemy armor dice sides from Xd4 to Xd3) and sharp weapons could have Penetration 2.

This would also slightly nerf Sharpness effects since it'd lower enemy armor by 20 and 40% on average, respectively.

Harder to implement, but I'd also prefer it from a purely design elegance point of view if the characters armor could also be calculated as a # of equal-sided dice rather than the current system of added dice ranges. This would obviously require quite the rework but maybe calculating total protection values (as well as maluses to attack, defense and stealth) as a function total weight rather than the individual pieces (with Mithril and various positive magical effects adding to functional weight for protection calculation only)?

Traps: Why not simply remove the acid traps and trap doors, and possibly rebrand alarm traps as magical wards rather than mechanical contraptions? This would also reflavor disarming traps to unraveling wards, which is a flavor win in my book (and helps explain why its a grace and not a dex ability, and why V's creations passes through unharmed). Additional wards that could be added could for an instance block the player from passing (like glyphs of warding) or summon additional (OOD) aware monsters to the level in addition to the Alarm effect.

Literal traps in commonly traversed areas are among the stupidest tropes of fantasy roleplay and I for one wouldn't be sad to see them go. Webs and roosts and the occasional pit are still fine imo.
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