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Originally Posted by Sky View Post
they would not stack.

the "problem" is that "a gloopy green potion" has the icon of a green potion. a "speckled gold potion" has a speckled gold icon. this doesnt happen with scrolls.

so we would need a system where if you have extended flavours showing, the potions would have a {flavour} which does not match the current icon.
I think I see where you're going with this now. It makes some sense to me. Although, I wouldn't remove some flavor entirely. Having everything be "mysterious" is just too generic to me. Certainly have the icon be grey until identified, then have it be an appropriate color. As an earlier post suggested, the unidentified flavor could instead of being gloopy green or speckled gold, just gloopy or speckled, or some other words without color could be used.
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