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output of ./configure is

  Install path:                           /home/christopher
  binary path:                            /home/christopher/games
  config path:                            /home/christopher/etc/angband/
  lib path:                               /home/christopher/share/angband/
  doc path:                               /home/christopher/share/doc/angband/
  var path:                               (not used)
  (with private save and score files in ~/.angband/Angband/)

-- Frontends --
- Curses                                  No; missing libraries
- X11                                     No; missing libraries
- SDL2                                    Disabled
- SDL                                     Disabled
- Windows                                 Disabled
- Test                                    No
- Stats                                   No

- SDL2 sound                              Disabled
- SDL sound                               Disabled
do I have to have those Curses and X11 libraries?
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