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What to expect?

Death is a normal part of roguelikes, and I fully expect my character to die before he can defeat Morgoth. But, I would like to get as far as possible.

Currently my HE mage is CL 48, his speed before potions is +18, and he has reached a max depth of Level 70. He's got all the possible resistances except
and hasn't had too many close calls. The closest he came to dying was when he took several nether (which he is resistant to), nexus, and/or chaos breaths in one turn. He can easily kill many monsters worth 50000 XP, but a group of time hounds almost did him in. Brought him down to 140 HP in a couple turns. Any monster that tends to be solitary, as long as it can be slowed and can't one-shot him, is manageable.

My question is, what type of monster or attack is most likely to kill him at this point, past DL 70?

Edit: He now has resistance to chaos and sound

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