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Originally Posted by PaulBlay View Post
I'm using an old computer, apart from the guy who still has Windows 98 (zaimoni?) probably one of the oldest still being used by people here. Even so the time taken to load and process the \edit\*.txt files (when .raw have been deleted) is negligible.
What are you using? My 100MHz i486 has just died (worn out keyboard connector), but my 133MHz Cyrix-686 is still going strong ...
Apart from saving time during game startup is there any real need for the *.raw files, or could we do without them?
The .raw files are not needed at all, provided that ALLOW_TEMPLATES is defined, and that all the text files are shipped undamaged with the game. Distributing the .raw files (and turning off ALLOW_TEMPLATES) allows the game to ship without the text files, thereby slightly reducing the size of the executable and dramatically reducing spoilage and cheating possibilities. I don't know any distribution that actually does this, but IMO it's a nice facility to have.

But yes, it hasn't made much difference to the startup time since the days of the 286 ...
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