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Originally Posted by PaulBlay View Post
I'm using an old computer, apart from the guy who still has Windows 98 (zaimoni?) probably one of the oldest still being used by people here. Even so the time taken to load and process the \edit\*.txt files (when .raw have been deleted) is negligible.
The Win95 system isn't that old; it's the OEM CD-ROM that's superannuated. And it predates Product Activation, so I don't have to worry about it turning into supergoo on the next computer.

To be precise, the Win95 system started out as a from-parts 700 Mhz Cyrix-III in Jan. 2001, and was boosted to some flavor of Intel 1 GHz in 2004 (CPU replacement). It will have to be reformatted to a *NIX once its from-parts replacement arrives (hard drive is wonky according to XCom Apocalypse).

The 75MHz prefab Win95 system died in 2007. The Win3.1 system is still alive, but is rather unstable hardware-wise.

Originally Posted by PaulBlay View Post
Apart from saving time during game startup is there any real need for the *.raw files, or could we do without them?
They are completely disposable, yes.
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