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Haha, I was actually at about this strength hanging around at Dlvl40. When you're just sitting there slaughtering stuff, you don't realize how strong you are. I'm not 'attached' to this one any more than it's dozens of predecessors (just read the idea a couple years ago about appending iterators to the end to keep track of failed attempts... this should probably be something like s0be CXVII, haha). I've been working on diving today (day off from work thanks to crashing into a plow truck on my way in) and will see how far it goes. I think around 65 I'll stop. I'll try out higher Wis when I stumble across a big "Wis.

As an aside, I just ran into Saruman of Many Colours and slaughtered him a lot more quickly than I expected. I had more troubles with the Lernaean Hydra. Maybe RNG was being good to me though.
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