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Re: trap detection edge: When I first made that patch, detection areas were still round; I tried it both ways (with and without the line along the map) and decided that it looked better with it. (Otherwise, you get these big circles that are cut off on the edges.) EDIT: Also, I had originally made it so that you could see the whole trap detection border - not just at the locations you have explored. I liked it better my way.

Actually, I don't think that it's necessary to have the green dotted line anymore. I've been playing around with it yesterday and I don't like it anymore. When detection areas were circular, it was really nice, but now it's just a pain.

I'd propose removing the green line and replacing it with a message along the lines of "You can't run into undetected territory." or something. I think that we need a message of some kind, instead of just mysteriously not being able to run occasionally.
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