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Yeah, I think the role of memorizing the monster database is somewhat overstated (although, I admit I say this as someone who has memorized most of the monster database). I say this in practically every post, but the real insight that marks the difference between beginner/intermediate players and advanced "this game is easy" types is that you don't have to fight every monster and indeed you don't even want to fight most monsters.

As far as randomizing monsters, there are only a few things monsters do that you have to worry about. At low levels, it's paralysis attacks or spells and confusion branded melee. Later on, the main one is summoning, the next is high damage spells like mana storm, and then breath weapons. Mixing and matching the type of breath weapons would make some difference, but not that much. It's still the same dynamic: I don't want to get breathed on and I don't have to, so I'm either not going to wake this thing up or I'm going to teleport it away if it's awake. Mixing and matching paralysis, confusion melee, summoning, etc. -- I don't see how that could work.
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