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Originally Posted by Mark View Post
Randarts keeps the game varied for long-term players. (I've never used it myself)

The greatest cause of death for junior players is lack-of-knowledge-of-what-can-kill-you.

A really interesting and crazy equalizer for hardcore players could be "randMonsters", or at least "RandUniques" (except a very few)! Has any variant explored this possibility?

I wonder how many 'Kavlax' types the RNG would throw at you each time!?
Yes, I would love this! I've mentioned this a few times on characters or the forum but I would love random monsters. Like Debo said I've tried masking existing monsters in V and Sil, but it's not quite the same since I can sort of figure out what I'm fighting. It's probably worth pointing out I only really play warriors so I can afford to soak the necessary damage to figure out what is going on.

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